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The WIJS strength programme is designed to get you off to a safe start with strength training, while working towards a more powerful and upright posture. Many of us spend long hours at the computer every day misaligning our bodies and straining our posture. That’s why it is so important for today’s men and women to maintain and strengthen their bodies. Strength training is not just about building bigger muscles, but also about using them correctly. At first you will learn the basic techniques of movement, focusing on mobility, stability and coordination, to help you get to know your own body and all its many strengths and weaknesses. Strength training not only makes you physically stronger, but it also makes you feel stronger and more vital and builds your self-confidence. It has been found that people who exercise regularly experience less anxiety and anger, feel less suspicious and stressed and are less likely to suffer from depression.


You will have two sessions a week with the physiotherapist, and are then expected to train once a week by yourself. This gives you the freedom to go back over the lessons and practice the exercises on your own, contributing to the learning process. In our experience people often come to the following session with specific questions to ask about the exercises they practiced on their own and how to develop them.


Strength 2 is the mobility phase. We maintain the basic principles of the first phase and apply them to a number of more difficult technical exercises.
For example, you will experiment with more extreme positions (overhead) in which mobility plays an important role. More control is now needed, using the strength gained in the first programme. We also introduce dynamic exercises, where the speed of the weight becomes important for the correct execution of the movement.


Strength 1 teaches the basis for a strong posture. You will learn the first criteria of correctly tightening your muscles for a strong posture. In each exercise you’ll learn what is right and wrong, as well as learning to see it in your fellow athletes. Powerlifting exercises are central in this first programme. These are the more straightforward technical exercises that build up strength quickly. The Strength 1 schedule consists of a Push and a Pull day. You’ll train your entire body every day, but a distinction is made between pushing and pulling.


Strength 3 is the Plyometry phase. Where we work towards Olympic weightlifting. Olympic weightlifting is an optimal way of combining and developing strength, speed, mobility, stability and coordination. In Phase 1 and 2 we go over all the basic movements, and then these are combined and optimised in Phase 3 in the Snatch and the Clean & Jerk. The purpose of the Snatch is to get the bar in one smooth motion from the ground to above the head, and hold it fully extended. The Clean & Jerk involves two movements: the Clean starts from the ground, and the bar is lifted onto the shoulders with a pulling movement. The Jerk is when you extend the bar overhead and control this position.


€ 125

price per workout/training €10,40

Tuesday 20.00, friday 19.00


In the WIJS Running programme all levels work together towards a common goal: learning to run better and without pain… because there is no one single way to run, but there is a pain-free and pleasant way to run for everyone. You are always accompanied by a physiotherapist in the WIJS Running Programme.

After a successful trial period with the first running group, the next group will start this spring. Twice a week for six weeks, a varied programme will cover all aspects of running such as stability, strength, coordination, mobility and even nutrition. Each training session consists of theory, strength training at WIJS, walking and training outside, and a cooling down.


To create the correct take-off and landing while running you need stability, not just in your ankles and knees but also the pelvis, and even your upper body has an important role to play. During stability training we will work on transferring the forces from your upper body to your pelvis and thus make movement easier.


Full body strength is important to process the impact of the landing while running, and also to continue the movement when the leg lifts off. During strength training at WIJS we will let you into the secrets of the right kind of strength training to enhance your running.


Balanced coordination makes for the easiest of movement. Finding a sweet spot in the rhythm enables you to push yourself at any speed. The difference between a sprinter and a marathon runner seems obvious to most people, but how is it that both harness such a feeling of relaxed rhythm? We will teach you during the running training programme.


The correct stride length and the load on your back or knees are all linked to the pulling forces of your muscles while running. Sufficient mobility is important for this, so that’s the focus of the cooling down period during the running programme.


Together with our nutrition expert you will look at what nutrition can do for your running training. Note, this is much more than just what you’re eating and drinking while running. What should you eat the night before? What gives you the most energy, so that at the end of the day you still have something left in the reserve to get off the couch and make that extra round?


En wil je ook na het Running program doorgaan met hardlopen bij WIJS? Dat kan! Je kunt uiteraard het running program nogmaals doorlopen, of alleen aansluiten voor de looptraining en cooling down.


€ 125

price per workout/training €10,40

Start date: 06-07-2021


Warrior Bootcamp is full body work out. Equiped with Slam balls, battle ropes, boxing gear and more. Aimed at indurance, explosive power and dynamic core strength. The Warrior Bootcamp was created with the idea of forming a unique program that differentiates itself from being just standard. By applying essential elements such as HIIT, BOXING and equipment with a combined mixture of backgrounds and knowledge into one program. Allowing your body to gain strength in multiple levels simultaneously within a fun, motivating and challenging atmosphere. Gradually and safely bringing you to the pinnacle of your core body strength.

3-dimentional movement patterns that your body was designed to experience. This involves a combination of sprints with weight vests or slam ball throws. Strength in movement.v Evoking a new muscle memory. Training your dynamic movement is crucial for optimal joint health and longevity!


Battle ropes, Squat jumps with kettle bells. Exercises that require a maximum or near-maximum power output from you in a short amount of time. Generating a development of explosive power.


For example core exercises. Focusing on positioning of the torso and isolating the correct muscles. To avoid compensation and creating a strong foundation for the body for support.


Through this program you will not only develop the physical aspect of core strength but through drive and discipline, the mental aspect as well. Creating a cohesion within yourself you can be proud of.


€ 125

price per workout/training €12,50

Due to covid-19, the start date of this program is not yet known. Sign up for our mail, then you will be the first to know when we start and you will prevent us from being full.


Wijs Mum training sessions are designed for mothers-to-be and new mothers, in the pre and post-natal period. Just like at any other time of your life, exercise training during an (uncomplicated) pregnancy is not only recommended but has multiple benefits.

In a small, controlled group setting, these classes aim to guide expectant and new mothers through a progression of appropriate exercises, taking into account the stage of pregnancy along with specific health concerns and goals. During training sessions Wijs Mums discover that pregnancy is not a state of injury or illness but a time where you learn about your body, and use exercise as a means to keep healthy and happy as your family expands.

Stability & Strength

During pregnancy you can still be strong! Strength and stability training can assist in decreasing back, neck and shoulder pain as your body position shifts. As your baby grows and places more weight on your pelvic bones and muscles, having a strength and stability exercise routine can help make daily movements and tasks easier.

pelvic floor health

Your pelvic floor muscles are put to the test in pregnancy and childbirth. Weakness in this area can lead to stress or strain urinary incontinence (such as when sneezing or coughing). Learning how to activate, strengthen and control these muscles effectively is an essential step towards reducing and avoiding stress incontinence after pregnancy. This is important for women of any age, even if you have never had any prior concerns.


Your body is undergoing a lot of changes with each trimester. Your posture and the centre of gravity within your body shifts as your baby grows. Controlled mobility exercises are important to incorporate into your routine to prevent joint pain and stiffness. During the early and late stages of pregnancy your body releases hormones that actually increase your joint range and flexibility. Guided low grade stretching and mobility exercises during these periods can help you gain the benefits of these hormones, whilst maintaining good stability within the joints.

Mental Health

During pregnancy it’s important to start developing the necessary custom of taking time out for yourself and your body. There is a huge life shift (with good reason) which happens after your baby is born, so maintaining a habit of putting some ‘you’ time aside is so much easier if it is already well established. Exercise & breathing techniques are a great way to help you achieve better sleep during pregnancy, giving you the recharge and rest you need. Research has found that pre and post-natal exercise has a positive effect on the reduction and management of postnatal depression.


€ 300

single workout/training €38 – can be reimbursed by your insurance provider as physiotherapy session.

Every Monday at 6pm, every Thursday and Saturday at 1pm.

“ Great physios and personal physiotherapy. There is always a good atmosphere in the gym, nothing is right or wrong, everyone can be themselves and all ages are welcome. Anna’s running course is also recommended. I’m actually starting to like running! “

Fleur Tolmeijer

Very helpful in the run-up to the marathon. Both the physiotherapy treatments and training in the gym were great!

Bart Buysse

My back had been suffering for years and never had any proper help, until I came to Wijs. Training is now pain-free and I can race again!

Paul Melis

move better. feel better.

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