Deze fitnesstest geeft je inzicht in hoe efficiënt jouw lichaam zuurstof naar je spieren transporteert en welk energiesysteem (aerobic en anaerobic) dominant is. Zo kunnen we vaststellen waar jouw trainingszones liggen.

Fitness Test

Met de Fitness test kan je echt vooruit.

Ben je van plan om er flink tegenaan te gaan? Dan is dit een goed moment om een uitgebreide fitnesstest te doen zodat je goed van start kunt gaan. Deze test geeft je inzicht in hoe efficiënt jouw lichaam zuurstof naar je spieren transporteert en welk energiesysteem (aerobic en anaerobic) dominant is. Zo kunnen we vaststellen waar jouw trainingszones liggen. En daar kun je je trainingen op aanpassen. Zo boek je echt progressie. Vooral voor duursporters is dit zeer interessant!

De fitness test leert je dat kennis macht is.

De fitnesstest bestaat uit verschillende onderdelen. Een ervan is dat je op een fiets met een speciaal mondmasker op in verschillende fases naar maximale inspanning gaat. Gedurende dit proces berekenen we eveneens je verzuringsgraad. Dit kun je aanvullen met een houdingsscan en een FET-test waarbij we de krachtoutput van je spieren meten.




Do you want to unlock your true athletic potential and train in your most efficient training zone? Through Wijs Fitness Testing, using VO2Max and Lactate Testing, we can help you increase the quality and efficiency of your training to reach your athletic goals faster! Knowledge is power; understanding how efficient your body transports oxygen to your muscles(where it is used to produce energy), which energy system it uses and which system needs more development, will undoubtedly give you a great advantage over your competition, and the chance to better connect with your body! Want to learn more? Keep reading!

ABOUT VO2 Max & lactate Testing

VO2Max in combination with lactate testing is the gold standard for measuring fitness level and athletic performance. Gathered from scientific evidence and practical data, the results from this test will provide you with an understanding of your body. You can find out how effectively your body is using oxygen, which energy system(aerobic and anaerobic) is dominant and needs improvement, which then lets us map out your training & heart rate zones, and the option to subscribe to our customized personal training programs so you can improve your scores and fitness level! We also offer posture Scans and MicroFET (muscle force) measurements along with a fysio check up, read more below about our offers and how exactly the golden testing works!

Posture Scan + MicroFET

With our digital Posture scan taken from the iPad, we can use the augmented reality tool from the app allowing for true 3D full body scanning and clearly measure angles and linear distances of posture displacements.
With MicroFET, a digital dynamometer, we can take objective, reliable and quantifiable muscle testing measurements. This measurement aids in diagnosis, prognosis and treatment of neuromuscular disorders, along with giving you an accurate reading of which part of their body you can produce more muscle force and which side is weaker.


With only 20 euros more, you get a discounted fysio session where one of the best fysiotherapists in Amsterdam checks your mobility, flexibility, and any discomfort you may be experiencing like a stiff neck, shoulder, tight hips or a cracking knee.

How does it work?

VO2Max is a measurement that describes your cardiorespiratory or aerobic fitness and is expressed in milliliters per minute per kilogram of body weight (ml/min/kg). VO2Max is a single number that captures your heart, lungs, circulatory system, and muscles all working independently and together. Therefore, your VO2Max is connected to performance, but also health and longevity of life. It represents your peak capacity for effort, the peak rate at which your body is able to bring oxygen into the body and transport it to the muscles, where it is used to produce energy with maximum efficiency. By measuring your VO2max, we can determine what your preferable heart rate is in each physical activity. Regardless if you are training for a sprint or a long endurance run, it can make all the difference!

VO2Max is closely related to your lactate. Lactate is salt created by lactic acid in the body during movement. Lactate threshold is commonly known as the exercise intensity that an individual can sustain for a specific period of time before their blood lactate concentration becomes too high. At this point, you can no longer sustain your level of intensity and you can feel nauseous. For every training zone, you have a level of lactate output and this determines if you can continue or need to stop during your training session. Lactate testing provides a measurement for how well your muscles are using available oxygen to help you gain insight in both your aerobic and anaerobic abilities – a reliable indicator of overall athletic performance. 

So, through lactate testing, you can learn how much lactate you can deal with during a training session, and subsequently start to train to increase your tolerance of lactate.

The testing occurs either on the bicycle or the treadmill, that is up to your preference or specific sport similarity (swimming is also an option). Simple measurements are taken before the test such as weight, height, fat percentage(depending on your package), and VO2Max mask caliber. Afterwards, we begin with the warm up where you sustain a certain speed for 10 minutes, then we increase the intensity every 3 minutes. At the end of each increment (3 minutes) we prick your earlobe with a small needle and get a small drop of blood to calculate your lactate. During this whole process the VO2Max continuously calculates your oxygen consumption. The test is continued until you reach exhaustion and not able to continue anymore. Afterwards an immediate cool-down, shower, and a discussion about your test! You will get the results with an explanation e-mailed to you along with a print out, and discuss any further questions or concerns.

Progress Training Subscriptions

As a part of this process, we can provide you with customized training programs on how and what to train based on your unique data and goals. You can subscribe for our monthly, bi-weekly or weekly check-ups with our specialist and have a personal training session according to your own program, and make sure you are on the right path!


€ 69

per month


€ 99

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€ 189

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Fysiotherapie 2.0

'Vanaf de intake doen we het al anders, grondiger. We nemen een uur de tijd voor je. En na de intake krijg je een rapport met bevindingen en een stappenplan toegestuurd. Zo zorgen we er van meet af aan voor dat je progressie boekt."

Gijs Ligtenberg - Oprichter Wijs

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