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pre and post natal training

Physical activity and exercise training in the pregnancy and postnatal period is considered a ‘front-line therapy in reducing the risk of pregnancy complications and enhancing maternal physical and mental health.’ 150 minutes of moderate to intensive weekly exercise is recommended. 

How to exercise in pregnancy

You can mostly continue to participate in exercises that you enjoy! If you were participating in vigorous or intense workouts prior to your pregnancy, you can continue with these activities. As your pregnancy progresses, however, it is important to understand that you may need to adjust your workouts, depending on how you feel on the dat, just like anyone else.

There are some precautions and contraindications affecting some women, which are mentioned next. If you have any concerns or questions regarding whether exercise is safe for your pregnancy, it is important to contact your obstetric care provider.

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Exercise throughout your pregnancy

First Trimester

Early on there isn’t much you need to modify. If you are already active, continue to do so! Not so much? Now is a perfect time to start.

Second Trimester

As your bum gets bigger, some exercise and positions may need to be modified such as lying on your stomach or back. Your physiotherapist will guide you in exercise and positions modifications that will allow you to keep on training effectively.

Third Trimester

45 minuten max. 6 personen.

In uncomplicated pregnancies it is safe to participate in activity right up until the end of it! However, later stages of pregnancy can bring greater day to day variation of symptoms, and exercise should be graded accordingly. Every day of your pregnancy presents an opportunity for movement, as long as you listen to your body.

 Exercise post partum 

0 - 6 weeks

In the first 6 weeks after birth, it is important to allow your body to rest, recover and recuperate. Enjoy this bonding time with your baby! Gentle walking and pelvi floor exercises can be progressively commenced. Specific stretches and movement exercises can be helpful to assist with common body aches, such as head and neck discomfort with feeding. Wijs Moms will provide you with advice on what stretches to do and how to modify movements and posture for your specific concerns.

6+ weeks

Resuming exercise in the postpartum perios is an important way to re-establish and support a healthy lifestyle. Exercise should be tailored and progressed according to mode of delivery. Rectus Diastisis, or abdominal separation is a common experience for women postpartum. Your physiotherapist at Wijs Moms will guide you appropriate abdominal bracing and strengthening exercises as your body recovers. Our goal at Wijs Moms is to have you feeling comfortable and progressing to your desired level of activity and a safe transfer to your desired training.


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Please be informed that each session can be claimed as a physiotherapy session with your insurance.

“We hadden met z’n 2en les, dus er was heel veel persoonlijke aandacht. Slechts een half uurtje les, maar je komt zwetend naar buiten. 🙂 Leraar heeft duidelijk veel verstand van techniek en let hier goed op, top! “


“I love the Wijs Moms program! As guided by a fysio who is specialized in guiding pregnant women and moms, you can continue to workout at your own level for as long as you like. I love it that you get guidance on how heavy of light you can go on weights and adjusted exercises are always available if you feel like you need that. Wijs Moms is seriously suitable for any entrance level, I used to workout 5x a week before I got pregnant, my pregnant friend did 0 exercise, we joined together and both loved Wijs Moms. Another thing that really helps is that you train the exact muscles that will help you get through pregnancy as smooth as possible and also prepare for when the baby arrives. You learn about it while you train. Thnx to Wijs Moms and Nadia in particular I managed to continue workout twice a week and feel superfit until the very last week of my pregnancy. Would recommend to anyone.” – Lotte Visser – (She is happy for us to use her name and cut anything out we see fit).


“Modern, clean, bright, fresh space. The teacher was so friendly and helpful. I felt safe and motivated. Definitely I will go more 🙂 “


Welke groepsles past bij mij?

WIJS heeft een ruim aanbod aan groepslessen, zoals core stability, BBB en posture en strenght. De lessen zijn zo ingericht dat ze aangepast kunnen worden naar de persoonlijke wensen van de deelnemers. De groepen zijn klein (max 6) dus krijg je sowieso alle aandacht. En je kan ook altijd even vragen aan een van onze medewerkers welke les het beste zou zijn voor jou.

Moet ik lid zijn om mee te kunnen doen met de groepslessen?

De groepslessen zijn zowel beschikbaar voor leden als voor niet leden. Het is altijd mogelijk om een rittenkaart af te nemen voor 1, 5 of 10 lessen.

Help ik heb een blessure, kan ik wel naar de lessen komen?

Alle groepslessen bij WIJS zijn zo opgebouwd dat ze makkelijk aan te passen zijn aan jouw blessure. Aan het begin van de les wordt altijd nagevraagd of iemand blessures heeft waar rekening mee gehouden moet worden. De les wordt altijd gegeven door één van onze fysiotherapeuten waarbij je terecht kan voor advies.

Hoeveel groepslessen mag ik per week volgen?

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