At Wijs Gym, we believe in a long-term approach. After all, you need to last longer than today. We’ll guide you through your posture, fitness, fitness and other athletic ambitions. That’s why all our personal trainers and coaches have at least a completed physical therapy education. Together we create a development plan to achieve what you want.


Gym Amsterdam West

Train to the max.
But then wisely

At Wijs Gym in Amsterdam West you will find everything you would expect from a gym and more. Our movement therapists like to alternate their profession with Personal Training and coaching athletes. This means optimal training with a good attitude. With a comprehensive intake we analyze your capabilities and see what you want to achieve. And then we get to work.

What do we have in place?

Personal training (or duo)
Small Group Training
Training Programmes
Fitness test

Fitness / Gym

Personal training
(or duo)

Training programs


Small group training


Fitness test

Experience personal training at Gym Amsterdam West

Book a free intake and experience for yourself how nice it is to train with real professional guidance.

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A good start really is half the battle when you start fitness. That’s why at Wijs Gym you always start with a free intake: an hour of Personal Training by a physiotherapist. Furthermore, there is always a physiotherapist present to give you solicited and unsolicited advice, because with a good mental and physical attitude you prevent complaints, you go faster and you could go further.

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What do we say about us?

‘At Wijs Gym Amsterdam West, you will find all the luxurious facilities, but above all, expert help from a Physiotherapist who is always nearby and helps you with pressing questions!’

Gijs Ligtenberg – Founder Wijs

A wise offer:
4 weeks of unlimited gym for €56.

Temporary 20% off your annual subscription and a FREE intake with Personal Training. To ensure the quality of the experience, we offer limited space, so we reserve the right to refuse new applications.