Want to train fanatically? Awesome! But with a good physical and mental attitude. This way you’ll avoind injury, get fit faster and go further. So we continue to insist on that. That’s why you will invariably find a physical therapist in the Gym at Wijs. Who will answer all your questions and give advice. Sometimes unasked.

Wise Gym

At Wijs Gym, we believe in a long-term approach. After all, you need to last longer than today. We’ll guide you through your posture, fitness, fitness and other athletic ambitions. That’s why all our personal trainers and coaches have at least a completed physical therapy education. Together we create a development plan to achieve what you want.

Real physio tips. Take advantage of it!

Requested and unsolicited advice from such a physical therapist, what is that really about?

  • Tips and tricks to achieve a better posture
  • Coordination, the basis of strength training
  • Inter- and intramuscular contraction
  • Focus distribution between strength, flexibility, speed, endurance and coordination
  • The ins and outs of goal-oriented training
  • Energy boosting
  • Dealing with injuries and complaints
  • Motor and mental self-confidence
  • Setting and realising your goals

Populair Goals

  • Weight loss or control
  • Posture & fitness
  • Muscle mass and strength
  • Mobility and agility
  • Sport performance support
  • Relaxation techniques

flex € 71 / 4 wks

flex €99 / 4 wks

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Your first lesson is a gift.

We are happy to let you experience our classes. This is a temporary offer, only valid for people who have never been a member of Wijs Gym before.

Frequently Asked Questions

A great thing about exercising at WIJS is that you are never really bothered by too many crowds.
If you want to come and work out as a member, you can block an hour for this via the app or website, and so there are never more than 8 people working out at the same time.
Can I also just join the group classes?
It is always possible to come and try out a group class to see if WIJS suits you, provided there is room for this in the class. If you want to join more often check out subscriptions including unlimited group training or take out a rides card.
Are there shower and towel facilities?
At WIJS you can have unlimited use of freshly laundered towels to use during exercise as well as a nice shower. In addition, everyone can use Madara’s shower and grooming products.
Will I get guidance from a personal trainer?
Providing safe, personalised training is our top priority. As a new member of WIJS you will always start with an hour’s induction with one of our trainers, when we’ll plan an exercise schedule specifically tailored to your needs. You can book further personal training sessions whenever you like, or take out a subscription giving you the benefit of a personal training session every 4 weeks.
What do we say about us?

‘At Wijs Gym Amsterdam West, you will find all the luxurious facilities, but above all, expert help from a Physiotherapist who is always nearby and helps you with pressing questions!’

Gijs Ligtenberg – Founder Wijs

Gym & Personal Training: €94 / month

Unlimited Gym and Personal Training by a physiotherapist every 4 weeks. Now with a 20% discount on your annual subscription. WIJS offers limited space so full is full.

What do we have in place?

Personal training (or duo)
Small Group Training
Training Programmes
Fitness test

Fitness / Gym

Personal training
(or duo)

Training programs


Small group training


Fitness test